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"Give me an exact estimate." - This may not always be possible because as we begin the diagnosis on a car, many problems that the customer is not aware of may pop up as we begin repairs.

"Fix only this problem." - We will do what the customer asks, but don't expect the car to function properly if we only fix one of many problems.

"Why can the estimate range from a couple dollars to a couple thousand?" - Asking for specific prices for specific jobs can be tricky. The cost depends on each individual car and how many problems arise when we begin repairs.

Calling us to ask what's wrong with your car and giving us details only over the phone without us checking the car is unreasonable. One symptom can lead to many problems. We need to inspect the car to give a proper diagnosis. 

When it comes to personal health, getting annual check ups helps in preventing and catching illnesses.  Cars work in a similar fashion.  Getting annual maintenance will help your car run smoothly, longer, and may save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


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