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We service all mechanical and electrical auto problems for domestic and imported cars including long limousines, small trucks, and sprinters.

We test drive all cars after/during repairs to see if we fixed the problem. 

We specialize in difficult repairs and wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment

Where factory adjustment is not available, we do custom adjustment at additional cost.


  • Front starts at                                            $60

  • All wheel starts at                                      $90


  • Front starts at                                             $70

  • All wheel starts at                                       $90

Light Trucks (such as Chevy Express, Ford F150, and Dodge Pickup)

  • Front starts at                                             $70

  • Heavy duty starts at                                   $100

Box Trucks or Cut Away Trucks

  • Toe-end alignment start at                        $100

  • Toe-end camber and caster starts at        $150

AC & Heating

AC Repair starts at                                                       $80

  • *When freon is up to 1.5 lbs. Included in price is recovery, evacuation, and recharge.     

  • Learn more about Freon.                                         

Dual AC system starts at                                             $100

Heating & AC 

  • Pressure test for the heating/cooling system      $30

  • To dye the freon to see if there are leakages. *The dye loses color in about 5 months.                                                      $30

  • Bleeding the engine heating/cooling system      $30

Brakes with Realigning Rotors
  • Regular cars brake repair per axle with realigning rotors starts at   $90

  • Regular cars brakes only per axle starts at                                         $70

*Cost will increase if difficult to take out

Tire Balancing & Sale

Tire Balancing:

Small tires                                                                      $15 each.

Truck tires                                                                      $20 each.

If you do an all 4 tire balance, tire rotation is free.

Tire Change:

Small tires                                                                      $20 each.

Truck tires                                                                      $25 each.

*RNR TPMS sensor and programming is an additional cost

*To clean rims from rust/oxidation is an additional   $10 per rim.

Tire Sale:

Tire sale cost depends on the size and condition the tire is in.

Tire recycling                                                                $4 per tire

Check Engine Repair

Scanner test as a starting point to diagnose the car.

Electrical Problems

Cost depends on individual cars.

Mufflers & Exhaust

Cost depends on individual cars.

Tune Up & Maintenance

Cost depends on individual car.

*We are not responsible for any personal possessions left inside vehicles while being repaired.

*Pricing is subject to change

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